Say No more to Injections – The Wand (STA) System

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At our practice we use the Wand, a revolutionary new way of delivering anesthesia. Its syringe free and gives a supply of anesthetic in a more comfortable manner than traditional methods. We want our patients to be comfortable as possible during treatments. It is also less frightening that conventional syringes so reduces our patient’s anxiety levels. This is something we address on a daily basis to improve, we don’t want our patients being unnecessarily distressed or anxious.

We want numbing a patient to be less traumatic and a more pleasant experience.  Most people think it is the needle itself that causes the discomfort. In fact it is the flow of the anesthetic into the soft tissues, as the flow is more controlled and localized to a single tooth the level of discomfort is minimal. This is great for those of us who are needle phobic or those who generally want a more pleasant experience.

As the wand flow rate is controlled by a computer at a constant pressure and adjusts itself automatically depending on the density of the soft tissues.  This means that the onset of anesthesia is faster, localized and results in less surrounding tissue damage as with traditional syringes.  The computer system guides the dentist as the anesthetic is delivered therefore greater accuracy is achieved and there is less collateral numbness in the surrounding areas.

It also makes those palate injections less painful and more comfortable. This area can be usually quite painful due to the tissues being dense and less elastic.

We are constantly finding ways of improving our patients experience with us and we are very excited to be introducing this to our patients! We hope you all think the Wand is as magic as we do!

Get in touch with us today and experience painless dentistry with us. We promise to make you smile. 

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